Pre-requisite Math Skills

Pre-requisite Math Skills

Math education progresses from kindergarten to calculus by building upon foundational concepts and skills at each grade level.  In earlier grades, students learn basic concepts, and as they move through the grades, they build upon these concepts and learn more advanced skills.  Therefore, students must master previous grade concepts, also known as pre-requisite skills, before starting to develop more advanced skills taught in the current grade.

Pre-requisite math skills provide the foundation for understanding new concepts introduced in the current grade level.  A student will struggle to grasp new math concepts without a solid understanding of basic math concepts.  Pre-requisite math skills are necessary for solving problems at the current grade level.  For example, understanding basic arithmetic concepts is essential for solving algebra problems. 

Mastering pre-requisite math skills can help build student confidence, as they have a solid foundation.  Students may become discouraged and disengaged in their current grade level without confidence in their math skills.  Mastering pre-requisite math skills can help students work more efficiently and accurately at the current grade level.  Without a solid foundation, students may make mistakes that could have been avoided. ELC diagnostic test identifies students’ understanding of math concepts for the previous and current grade levels.   Suppose your child is currently in 3rd grade.  In that case, the diagnostic test will identify if your child has learned and mastered pre-requisite skills learned in the first through second, along with strengths and weaknesses for the third-grade level concepts.  ELC also provides pre-requisite topics for review before learning third-grade math topics.

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